May I Wash My Hands?

Have you ever been out to eat or over at a really nice home, gone to the bathroom and found yourself a tad afraid to wash your hands?

Welcome to my club.

I remember it so clearly. We were all finished eating at a very nice local restaurant and getting ready to wrap up the night. I dismissed myself to use the bathroom and was partially in love with the sink fixtures in their bathrooms. I was almost afraid to wash my hands (I did of course, lol)

Sink fixtures and faucets have over the years been becoming more and more unique and different. People with the need and desire to be different and nontraditional have extended this touch down to their bathroom fixtures and sink colours.

So, I would like to share with you some of these bathrooms beauties and unique pieces I have seen and feel in love with.

– Shakeela ❤


The Marrakesh Sink by Kohler


The Marrakesh Sink by Kohler


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