Chateau Dreams

I have been following this page on Instagram for a while now and decided to share it with you all for today’s post.

“Chateau Dreams? What is a Chateau?”

Simple. A large French country house or castle often giving its name to wine made in its neighborhood.

Did you notice my little introduction was in a wine colour? Lol

The Château de Gudanes is an 18th-century neoclassical château in the commune of Château-Verdun in the Ariège département of southern France. It is built on the site of an older castle destroyed in 1580. (Via Wikipedia)

 Address: 09310 Château-Verdun, France
Architectural style: Neoclassical architecture

Once abandoned and destroyed, it is now returning to life.
Purchased in 2013 by the Waters, an Australian family from Perth, the Chateau is in ongoing restoration.

I have been stalking and watching their page for their “behind the scenes” photos for the ongoing restoration of the Chateau. This type of project takes time, patience, obviously the funds and a deep love to see it through until the end.

Personally, I enjoy the journey so far but looking forward even more to the finished interior and exterior of the Chateau.
I believe it will be absolutely STUNNING!

Here are some photos from their Instagram feed.
Links to their IG & website will be linked below.

I hope you find something within their walls or grounds that you love just as much as I do.

Shakeela 🙂



Château de Gudanes


The village of Les Cabannes in the distance. Le village de Cabannes | Photo taken by: @nina_van_ewijk





Restoration work in the Château kitchen 🍴


“Sifting through old documents found in a suitcase at the Château, we discovered an old Hermés invoice for horse goodies from 1947🐴 @hermes”


“And so the tiling continues…😃”


“A postcard giving a glimpse into the past early last century…”



“The wooden ceiling is almost finished. Next, the steel beams will be lined in timber to finish the “plafond à la française” (Translation: French ceiling)


“When the Salon de Musique is in between restoration… 💤💤💤”


@chateaugudanes: “Thank you @vogueliving_us for kindly sharing photos of the Château in Fall over the weekend. And to @tmmd_ for taking this autumn awesome photo 📷🍁🍁”

Instagram: @chateaugudanes

Official Website:


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