From Tween to Teen

Let’s face it…at some point we all have to grow up. Whether mentally ready or not.

This is usually one of “the scariest times” for a parent. Having to deal with teenaged mood swings and acting out. Lol

In today’s blog, we’ll be looking at 5 tips and considerations to keep in mind when helping them change their space from pre-teen to teen.

5 Ways To Change Your Child’s Space From Tween To Teen

  1. Create An “Open-Private” Space
    Teenagers usually tend to want A LOT of privacy. Their bedroom is their hideaway from the world when they have social, emotional, academic issues. It almost becomes a sanctuary. A safe place. However, as a parent, you have the right to and will also want to be able to “monitor” your growing teen.

What to consider?

  • FIRSTLY, building trust! 
  • Create a system between parent & child to know when they prefer to be alone as opposed to when they would allow you in and out of the room freely.
  • Be open with one another 🙂

2. Consider The Change Of Activities The Room Will Have

Bare in mind that your teenager will be studying more in the coming semesters. They will need both a study are and you can also consider a neutral area for them to clear their minds and de-stress.

What to consider?

A cozy study nook. Whether it be a desk tucked neatly into a corner of the room or a stylish chair designated for studying. 

3. Colour Choices

Now this can either be a very easy process or tiring especially if they want to negotiate colour choices. Lol.

Try to find common ground between what you are willing to allow and what they want. [For example, let’s say your teen wants the entire room in blood red. Blood red? What is this? A SAW movie? How about…a neutral colour you both can agree on with red furniture to give the room that element of colour they want. Sounds more doable right? Yeah, I think so too. Lol]

What to consider?

  • His/her favourite colours.
  • Types of fabrics and materials they would like in the room.
  • Complimenting colours.
  • What kind of vibe they want to get from their room (Peaceful, calming, fun, etc.)

4. Who Your Teenager Is As An Individual

EVERY teenager is different. They will like different things, have different kind of friends, make different choices, etc.

Try to get to know who they are or who they are becoming as an individual.

What to consider?

  • Their sense of style.
  • Their likes and dislikes.
  • Their interests (gaming, sports, ballet, cheer leading, etc)
  • Their goals and ambitions in life.

5. Budgeting & Recycling

We all know most teenagers have VERY. EXPENSIVE. TASTE. However, there are possible ways to combat this. So don’t throw out those “baby” things and pull out the credit card so soon!

What to consider?

  • Whatever can be recycled, recycle it!
  • Give them a budget to purchase what they would NEED for the room.(This budget can include buying brand new and/or thrifted.)
  • Consider DIY projects to help them make the room feel more a “part of them”


Your overall aim here is to make sure their room is a reflection of them as an individual. A place where they can relax and be themselves until they decide to move on into the world.

Keep these tips in mind and you’ll help keep some of the angst out of your teenager. Lol.







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