Let’s Talk Men: Man Caves Edition

Oh yes.

We’re doing things a tad bit different the next few posts and shying away from the luxury villas and homes and renovated spaces and homes.

Whether you’re a bachelor considering sprucing up your pad or the super loving girlfriend or wife considering giving your partner his own little space to kick back and have some guy time.

So…What is a “man-cave”?



Now that we have our official definition with all thanks to Google..let’s jump right into these man caves! (No pun intended. Lol)

For our first edition, we’ll look at low budget/cost conscious/DIY type of ideas of how you can transform the space. But FIRST!

Here are a few things to remember when considering a man cave.


Low Budget Man Cave Ideas (Garages)


Image Courtesy: http://www.pinterest.com


Image Courtesy: Bloombety


Remember…his man cave should allow him to feel comfortable and want to unwind. Whether it be a full blown space do over or just simply clearing the space and adding his favorite past time.

See you next post!


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