Interior Decorating Tips

So usually I give you guys rooms and exteriors that I’ve found and had to share because they were so darn captivating. However, today, I’ll be giving some tips and ideas for anyone who may want some decor advice for their spaces.

Feel free to share this with anyone who is either considering or currently decorating or redecorating!



Colour is said to be the most sacred element of design. Now, many people actually do not know or understand the power that certain colours have. Colours have played a very strong part in history and human psyche for many years. Every colour has a positive + and a negative -.

For example, the colours white or yellow are suggested for an accounting office as it is said to help them to focus and calculate better.

  1. For a master bedroom, pink is the BEST colour (Or hints of mentioned colour).
  2. Blue or Green helps promote growth in children.
  3. Green is also suggested for children’s bedrooms as it helps with studying & stability and to learn well.
  4. Light & cool colours can make a room recede or make a space seem bigger.
  5. Dark & warm colours advance. These can be used in large rooms to keep the space from feeling vast.
  6. Bold, primary and subtle colours are restful.

Bonus: If you REALLY want to land a job at an interview, it is suggested you wear blue. Blue signifies trust, peace, order & loyalty.


With respect to human psychological needs, light has the following attributes:

  • It is associated with the exuberance of life itself & with human well being.
  • It can convey a sense of security, warmth & comfort.
  • It can evoke a mood. (Eg. Intimate, cozy & relaxed or even intimidating.)
  • Also bright light can be stimulating & active.

You should have as much natural lighting in your house as possible. (The average ratio is supposed to be 3 windows to a door.) However, white lights are the best type of lights to use as they are equivalent to sunlight.

Higher lighting levels can help reduce headaches and blood pressure.

Bonus: Florescents should be kept on for at least 3 hours or more to increase its lifetime. 


What to consider for a bedroom:

  1. The feeling of relaxation it gives.
  2. The angle of the room.
  3. The size of the room.
  4. The location of the room.
  5. The shape of the room (Length, width & perimeter).
  6. Appropriate space between furniture.
  7. Amount of privacy you would have.
  8. Feeling of comfort.
  9. Lighting.
  10. Storage space (Eg. wardrobe, dressers)
  11. Colour
  12. YOU as a person.


The center of your home should be the dining room. This is the best place to thrash out any disagreements.

If in an argument you can mop. Water repels negative energy.

After being in a negative space or with negative people, you should go straight & have a bath.

I hope in some way possible these tips can help someone make their home more relaxing and comfortable.

Happy decorating! 🙂


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