Cool Pools!

Can we just talk about these exotic villa styled backyard pools?

They. Are. Gorgeous!

Don’t get me wrong, if your style type is minimalist and simple, by all means keep true to yourself. But to the homeowners going above and beyond to make the standard backyard pools look & feel as though you’re at a resort in Bora Bora…Thank you!

We have something else to gawk over and admire. Lol

After viewing these, who wouldn’t want to dive in?


Pure White House located in Andalusia, Spain | Designed by Susana Cot’s Architect’s


Casa Kimball located in The Dominican Republic | Designed by Rangr Studio.


The Redding Residence located in Arizona, USA | Designed by Kendle Design Architect’s.


Villa Amanzi located in Phuket, Thailand | Designed by Original Vision Studio.


Modern D+S House located in Jakarta, Indonesia | Designed by DP+HS


The Vivenda 19 located in Madrid, Spain | Designed by A-Cero Architect’s.


Minimalist Home located in Izmir, Turkey | Designed by Selim Erdil.


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