Beautiful Loos

Who would’ve thought that the loo would go from a place of handling business to finding peace and serenity?! Lol

Lately, many people have been shying away from the traditional off white tile decorating bathrooms with a normal built in sink and standard toilet.

Some of the bathrooms being created and decorated recently are quite the conversation starters!

Let’s just take a look at and admire a few of these simple yet stylish bathroom masterpieces.


Double View House located in Bratislava, Slovakia | Designed by Architeki Sebo Lichy


Sasa CH located in Monterrey, Mexico | Designed by GLR Architect’s


Kloof Road Masterpiece located in Johannesburg, South Africa | Designed by Nico Van Der Meulen Architect’s


Plywood House located in Sydney, Australia | Designed by Andrew Burges Architect’s


510 Cabin located in California, USA | Designed by Hunter Leggit Studio


Tree Bathtub located in Buenos Aires, Argentina | Designed by Paula Alvarado Designer


Acacia Residence located in California, USA | Designed by Hunter Leggitt Studio


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