The Looking Glass

What a trend!

Many home owners, architects and renovators are opting for this new style of open plan layouts with large beautiful glass windows and doors to complete their homes and designs.

Years ago, many homeowners would never have imagined of having their privacy stripped to an extent with something as simple as a glass window or door. 

However, most of these beautiful homes are being built in secluded areas with very few neighbours or well manicured shrub fences and high walls to create privacy.

So if you’re considering renovating or building your dream home with any of these features, make sure you have the perfect secluded location or hope your neighbours don’t mind being able to see the other end of your home from the street. Lol!


Atelier House located in Barbados. | Designed by architect Alistair Downie

Screenshot glass 4

Casa Ave located in Lima. | Designed by Martin Dulanto Sangalli

Screenshot glass 1

Casa JLM located in Chicxulub, Mexico | Designed by Enrique Cabrera Arguitecto

Screenshot glass 2

Located in Melbourne, Australia | Designed by Austin Maynard Architect’s

Screenshot glass 6

Vaucluse House located in Vaucluse, France | Designed by MPR Design Group

Screenshot glass 5


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